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My name is Kazuowrath,a demon banished from the dark realm due to sibling rivalry.I roamed in this horrible dimension and stumbled upon Bass exe,consuming his form and killing him,I became incredibly powerful.How's my picture and flashback huh?

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Posted by ultimatedarklord - December 23rd, 2008

For a long time,I have been collecting several sprites of Sonic and co. and also the good thing is I have gotten fan characters before I get my Flash program.The chacters I have collected have storylines and also several elemental abilities.There will also be a new system of elements:Single element,Bi-elemental and Tri-elemental,which all the characters will have.I have gotten a large amount of fan characters and not just hedgehogs,there are lions,tigers,cheetahs,dragons and several other species of characters.As I have roamed through Devianart,I have found several characters,not only for my flash by also for my comics too.See them here http://ulitmatedarkord.deviantart.com/

As I keep roaming on DA,the number of fan characters I have increases,which means I have only a few slots left for more characters,which is hardly 3 ot 7 slots open.I might also accept characters for my comics too.Mostly for my flash but I don't know.
So if you want to help me fill my slots,you can just send me a link of some or all of your sprites of your fan characters and your character with his/ her and it will be on for worldwide recognition and add more fame to you for creating it.I am very thankful for the users who have already given me their sprite sheets of their fan characters XD.Thanks a ton for you dudes.
The fan characters I have are plenty,but slots need to be filled at all costs.So please help me out,I will give you guys credit.I won't steal,as I am asking if you are willing to give your character's sprites sheet.

Posted by ultimatedarklord - July 28th, 2008

Yep,you read it right,his sprites on now getting created.Started last sunday,I'll be editing Sonic battle sprites by using REAL paint.He is a simple rippable character.He is a light blue hedgehog who wears black gloves and shoes and has blue circles on his gloves and has blue eyes.Simple enough,but I have to edit a LONG page of Sonic battle sprites and having school to attend and family problems,it's going to be very VERY VERY diffucult to make Shock.Shock is an electric type and can launck attacks at lightning speed and is fast but not as fast as Sonic though.Shock's history is not told in my series,he is an orphan,his parents died when he was 3 years old.It is known in the series that his parents are killed by one of eggman's haywire robots.He wants to take revenge on eggman for what he's done.He has a Super form too,which will come after several episodes later.I'll put his sprites in NG after a month.Yeah it's going to take long.Wish me luck,dudes.

I check NG everyday so feel free to comment or PM me any time.You can also email me if you're using a Google account to lightwarriorx@gmail.com if ya wanna do so.

See my previous post for some info on the episode 1 and other stuff.
I'll be using sprites from sega genesis or sprites like below for epsiode 1.They won't be there for eps 2 and other episodes.

And also I've found some stuff on Vglan about SMBZ.These are some facts leaked out by Alvin Earthworm himself in the forums:
Mecha Sonic WILL collect all the Chaos Emeralds,just as Cell absorbs both android 17 and 18.
Mecha Sonic will also host a tournament,just like Cell.
After the defeat of Mecha Sonic,Sonic and Shadow will stay in the mushroom kingdom.
The main villian of the next season is confirmed to be Chaos.
Alvin Earthworm is going to make 45 episodes total in SMBZ.
There are 3 sagas and 15 episode in each season,that is one season has 15 episodes.
With SMBZ 15 it is going to end the Mecha Sonic episodes.And start with the the new season.
That is all the info I have.

Shock the hedgehog is on the making.

Posted by ultimatedarklord - May 19th, 2008

I have an idea for making a series called"Sonic:Rise of the Cyborgs".This a RPG series made out of sonic sprites.I need some websites to get myself sprites and sounds for the series.I would need a lot of sprites and sounds for the series especially robot sonic,shadow,amy sprites etc, and also lots of sounds.I need to get myself Flash installed in my pc.I don't know where to go to for that.After learning animation i will make the series.But I NEED YOUR HELP.PLEASE HELP ME.Please comment me also giving the website name to me.I would appreciate the help very much.Thank you.

You can even PM me if you wanna.I would also like it if you can give pages of sprites of custom characters.Because they will be an important part in the series.Any Hero,Dark and Neutral character would do.PLEASE I NEED YOUR HELP.Like the ones Arnas rips,those Sky sprites in Sonic Syythe World.

Also I would like it if you can give websites i can get sounds for the series.
I only know names for the custom characters.I don't actually know how to rip custom sprites.Advice on how to rip custom sonic battle sprites would do swell.

Oh,and don't go through the trouble of sending me links to Shyguy Knigdom.I have an account there and i've got all sonic sprites pinned down in that site.You can give me links to other websites other than these three websites(the mystical forest zone,shyguy kingdom,spriters resource,etc.)

I'll be using sprites like these in later episodes of the series.Just to let ya guys know,i'll be using Sega Genesis sonic sprites fo episode 1.The first episode won't be game.It'll be a movie.The game will begin after episode 2.

A new series in mind in which i need your help with.A LOT