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Awesome improvement and Flash.

Really great improvement since eps7.This flash is awesome.The dialoque boxes are better,but you can add a feature to let us use a key to skip dialoques so we can read them at our own pace.And the Dark Metaknight was cool.He is dark,like me.If you made it,i'd say your spriting skills are extremely great.
Btw,I have some questions:
1.Are all the emeralds infected?
2.Why does Shadow act nice to Kirby,even though his character is the exact oppsite?
3.How can Okiname summon Chaos,the god of Chao,to serve him?
4.Will Sonic get a Super Form?
That's it.
Good flash.I can now add you to my favorite flash artists.
I hope to see more spectacular stuff in epd 9 XD.

Shi-Gu responds:

Thankyou very much, indeed I think I really improved.
Yeah, I like the new dialogue boxes, they look better and I was tired of adding the name of the characters, also yes, I'm planning to add the skip button for ep.9 I just have to practice with it, I will try to do it with the space bar.
Dark Metaknight also known as Okiname is a cool recolor I did in just a few minutes, it's incredible how photoshop can help you so much with sprite editing XD
Here are some answers:
1. Yes, they're all infected because Okiname is present everywhere the emeralds are because of the incident in ep.3
2. Shadow acts like that with Kirby mainly because it's a baby after all and he is like a mature person O.o.... I don't actually know how to explain it.
3. Well, actually it is supposed that Okiname is the one creator of the chaos emeralds in this series. In episode 4 Knuckles says Okiname also created Chaos but right now I'm not so sure about that, I didn't liked the idea so I'm gonna invent something else later.
4. Do you mean for the wings or if he will go Super Sonic?
Well, about the wings, I doubt it because that will do a big unbalance between his team and Shadow's, because Sonic's team is Sonic, Mario, Knuckles, Luigi and Tails, while Shadow's team is only Shadow of course, Kirby and Eggman, to balance this I made Shadow have those wings that busts his powers and also Kirby is really strong, and Eggman... meh, he's not appearing so much so I don't actually care that much for him. But yes, Sonic will go Super Sonic LATER in the series, near the last episodes.
And about spectacular stuff in ep.9, YEAH, there will be some surprises in eps 9, 10 and 11 that will actually be of the same story, I will introduce some new important characters.
Thanks for the review, I hope I answered your questions :D

Great flash,nice improvement.

This flash is much better than the other ones and you've also improved with your Swishmax skills.You made idles for Kyros and Target which,normally is the same but you only made a slight difference in that.The beginning text while loading was very nice to look at.You could have made this like SWW VS SCD with a lot of interactivity to keep you distracted.

The RPG was good and also having 5 members having different moves and fighting a strong guy,good work.But there was a glitch.When Exodus hit Kyros or Target,there seems to be a sort of glitch.It actually took me a while to finish the damn thing.And,you have made appearing text whenever you use an emblem,I liked the text you gave for Kyros and I mostly liked Target's emblem text.You could have metioned before that the dark sword Blade had was the Tree emblem and also how Karen or Roy get their emblems.Some moves for the characters was short animated,like atleast 10-20 frames.The regeneration abilty is a good one and also might have a lot of Actionscripting.Overall,it was enjoyable to play,like MidNightMaren's RPG's.

You gave everyone an unexpected twist that Exodus wanted to save the universe even after he destroyed several parts of Earth.I thought there would be one villain,but you've given several villains,extending the series.You're only making it hard on yourself.These kind of story twists makes the story a lot interesting to watch.If you had Jinz in the battle,this would be easier by a teeny weeny bit.The filesize could actually be more because you only need to make submissions under 10MB.I think some parts of this episode were either cut or you just rushed it all up.The music was great especially the RPG music,was great to hear.I left a review on Sonic Cursed Elements that you should work on animating a bit more cause some of the battle poses were just single sprites.
Not a great amount of improvement,but still good enough to get you on the top 10 flash artists.You have a done a great job with this flash.Your improvement in Swishmax will take you to great heights of fame.Keep it up.

I have a request.Can you please tell me the coding for the dialog skipping?I would be greatful.I trying to make a flash and it would be great if can help atleast
Hoping for a responce.

Good as always.

Yu always make great Sonic flashes,I admire that.The one thing which you can improve is the charcters,each and every single charcter is a hedgehog.You make like a Knuckles recolour or a Tails recolour or even a Rouge recolour.It would be better to see more than one species of Sonic the hedgehog characters in a fan character based flash.I liked the plot and yes,it does resemble Naruto on the mission part.I liked Artanis' powers,they are good. You already reached beyond the 16k frame limit.The music was great,especially the intro song.That was really well suited for a theme song.The music was great,without a doubt.Another thing is,this is an a flash animation.You should be using some more poses which can be animated.For example,you have only animated Artanis' idle,which is indeed Sonic's battle idle,and not the rest of the characters idle.But still you did great.And the fight between Rady and Mistic could be improved a little bit,but the fight was indeed great.You could have also put more melee moves for them like punches.Mistic had a lot of them,and his speed almost nearly matches my own.
And also,there is a good use of nice backgrounds,and also the training hall,the harbour,and alos the street backgrounds were really great.The main menu background was animated nicely.The fight between Artanis,Lunatus,Midity and that large snake could be a RPG battle,like what you did Sonic cosmic dimensions,but I don't think there's more frames for that.The story link explained your past flash series,and also some more fan characters.The only non-hedgehog characters I saw there was Bonder,Beastred,Commander,Kari and Valder.There could be more you know.And the elements,I'm also planning to make a series like this which has many elements including Ghost,Psycho,Chaos etc.The elements used in this flash were good.
And all this awesome features for the flash is good.You deserve 5/5.

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Awesome game.

This game has one real neat combo system.It took me a while to kill sunchips though.Real sweet game man.10/10

Awesome game man!!!

The save feature really does help.This is the best game you've made,and you've also improved with the graphics,also the great same ol' Rpg,and this also resembles Sonic rpg eps.5 in the exploration part,nice work.I also liked the different music for each zone.This one takes time to load but it's worth it.Overall awesome game.I never actually played Ristar ever,so I don't know his storyline though,10/10 for the review stuff,and 5 for the submission.This game can also use stuff like getting new moves,pick up items in the zones,lot of more items and stuff like that.Anyways amazing game.Hoping for a responce.

MidNightMaren responds:

The storyline of the original game is mostly explained in the intro.
I'll try to improve next time. Thanks

cool the best youve made so far is...the best

youve made this episode of FFSX the best there is.i liked the rpg,the forest game and also the comedy.10/10 for this flash ill keep voting every day for this game.

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This rocks.

I always used to hate 8-bit.But this truly feels good to hear like as if it is a remix.Great job.

Good work man.

This madness series is totally awesome.This one is the longest one in the series and i liked it a lot.A favourite and a 10 in my book.

cool dude

i feel like listening to this one over and over again.i love this one dude and this one kicks ass.10 for the review and 5 for the song.you rock.

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Wow cool.

Wow really neat.It's the same one I saw in your Deviantart gallery.
One small question.
Can I borrow Seelkadoom's sprite sheet ,if you don't mind?I am planning to use him for my comic Sonic:Mobius Tournament.

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