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Fan characters.

Posted by ultimatedarklord - December 23rd, 2008

For a long time,I have been collecting several sprites of Sonic and co. and also the good thing is I have gotten fan characters before I get my Flash program.The chacters I have collected have storylines and also several elemental abilities.There will also be a new system of elements:Single element,Bi-elemental and Tri-elemental,which all the characters will have.I have gotten a large amount of fan characters and not just hedgehogs,there are lions,tigers,cheetahs,dragons and several other species of characters.As I have roamed through Devianart,I have found several characters,not only for my flash by also for my comics too.See them here http://ulitmatedarkord.deviantart.com/

As I keep roaming on DA,the number of fan characters I have increases,which means I have only a few slots left for more characters,which is hardly 3 ot 7 slots open.I might also accept characters for my comics too.Mostly for my flash but I don't know.
So if you want to help me fill my slots,you can just send me a link of some or all of your sprites of your fan characters and your character with his/ her and it will be on for worldwide recognition and add more fame to you for creating it.I am very thankful for the users who have already given me their sprite sheets of their fan characters XD.Thanks a ton for you dudes.
The fan characters I have are plenty,but slots need to be filled at all costs.So please help me out,I will give you guys credit.I won't steal,as I am asking if you are willing to give your character's sprites sheet.

Comments (4)

Most of your "fan characters" are just recolors, and they look like you just added stripes or another hair on their head with the MS default colors.

Only some of them are like that,but most of the fan characters I have are not completely resembling the original base character.

Some actually were good but you screwed up by pillowshading it.

What do you mean?

Pillowshading is when the light source of the sprites are in the center of the sprite, it's usually frowned upon by spriters.

I know that but,what do you mean by some?Are you on DeviantArt or something?

Well, best of luck, mate.

Yeah,I need that.